• Research focus

    Initially, FIDA is offered as a tool to increase safety and efficacy in biopharmaceutical products.

    FIDA represents a new paradigm in protein quantification as it relies on a homogenoeus in-solution binding between an indicator (ligand interacting with the analyte) and the analyte. The fact that the entire assay essentially comprises a single binding event in solution is a significant simplification compared to current technologies. The well-defined chemistry involved in the FIDA assay enables an in-silico assay development as knowledge or estimates of analyte and indicator size, capillary dimensions and analyte-indicator dissociation constant is used to predict the optimized assay protocol. A preliminary optimization is performed using a free software package from FIDA-TECH. From an instrumental point of view, the FIDA assay is born automated thanks to a dedicated instrument being developed by FIDA-TECH.

    While the current focus of FIDA is  assays for research and development in the biopharmaceutical industry, the potential of the technology reaches far beyond this initial market entry. The simple nature of the FIDA technology enables straight forward translation of the capillary based assays to assays based on microfluidics or even a pocket based format. Here, the signal dispersion is read by a smart phone device also featuring an app for data treatment and communication to physicians. The fact that a single technology is used from discovery through clinical studies and even at the point of care significantly reduces cost and risk in drug development.